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The Superfoods Series     

This is Karen Grove's series about organic and natural foods - the Superfoods - available on Amazon Kindle and through other outlets, with some titles available in hardcopy.

"Why did I write this series of books on Superfoods?

Unfortunately, because most of our food supply is junk, contaminated with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other dangerous substances, we need to be careful with what we put in our bodies. For better health, we should be eating organic, natural foods – Superfoods.

This series of Superfood books my publisher and I have been producing is an effort to help you make better choices for yourself and for your family, in order to be healthier and happier."


Book 1 – Life is a Super Fruit

Book 2 – Super Veggies

Book 3 – Surf and Turf

Book 4 – Super Beans

Book 5 – Superfood Grains for Health

Book 6 – Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

Book 7 – The Fats of Life and What You Don't Know Could Kill You

Book 8 – Superfood Specialty Foods for Health

Book 9 - Superfood Fruit Health Benefits

Book 10 - Eat Your Way to Great Sex

Book 11 - Heart Health Solutions and the Cholesterol Controversy

Book 12 - Vegetarian Superfood Package

Book 13 - Smoothies Targeted for Specific Health Issues

Book 14 - Superfoods for the Brain

Book 15 - Eat For Sex and Fun in the Sun

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