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Here are the eBooks in Gianna’s Darcy and Elizabeth Series, the Darcy vs Bingley standalone, as well as her books in The Four Lords’ Saga Series. Many are available in paperback as well.


Pride and Prejudice: Attending a Ball (SECOND EDITION)

This is a prequel to the novel Darcy Chooses – A Pride and Prejudice Variation in the Darcy and Elizabeth Series. Written from Elizabeth Bennet’s perspective, it portrays the Bennets and Elizabeth’s friends, Charlotte Lucas and Melanie Farrington. It also gives extra insight into each of the Bennet family members.

For a few minutes, silence reigned. Then, with an unnerving move for the passengers, the coach suddenly slid sideways, struck a large rock on the side of the road, tipped and began to roll sideways. Screaming horses, being dragged along, were heard as the coach continued its roll down an incline and eventually came to a stop. All was quiet in the coach.  (Available HERE)


Darcy Chooses – A Pride and Prejudice Variation (The Complete Novel)

The last thing Fitzwilliam Darcy was looking for was a wife. However, he found he was unable to forget the young woman with the chestnut curls and flashing eyes that tempted him almost beyond decorum. Unbeknownst to him, a despised former friend has also set his sights on Miss Elizabeth Bennet and is determined to do what is necessary, including the unthinkable, to woo, wed and bed her.

Elizabeth Bennet has found that her mind, heart, and even her body have engaged feelings never experienced before that leave her unsure and frustrated. As a result, she finds it difficult to keep her temper regulated when around Mr. Darcy, even as her feelings for him continue to grow. Will these two passionate people ever resolve their differences and obtain their ‘happily ever after?’ Or will Darcy’s adversary be successful in winning Miss Elizabeth as his own? (Available HERE)

The Women of Longhorn

What were the aspirations of The Women of Longbourn?

In the early 1800's, young women were expected to be accomplished, marry well, obey their husbands, and bear their children, especially the heir whether to the peerage or the gentry.

But was that true of all The Women of Longbourn?

A short story, The Women of Longbourn, takes a closer look at the Bennet family women and what their dreams may have included. And don't be surprised when you learn that even the female servants had dreams as well.

Come along with Elizabeth Bennet as she records the aspirations of the Bennet women— and the female servants who care for their needs—during the fortnight prior to the Meryton Assembly. And enjoy Lizzy's comments that are interspersed in her journal with the family's interactions and how they may have differed with most families in the early 1800's in Regency England.

And if you've ever wondered exactly what was expected of the female servants in a household such as the Bennets, wonder no more. The Women of Longbourn will give you a bird’s eye view of their duties and how they were carried out in the household of Fanny and Thomas Bennet. (Available HERE)


Darcy vs Bingley: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

What if Fitzwilliam Darcy didn’t shun Elizabeth Bennet at the Meryton Assembly? And what if he found that he was dealing with coup de foudre, love at first sight, of this delightful young woman?

However, Caroline Bingley is determined to wed Darcy even if she has to compromise him. Will she succeed? And what kind of havoc will George Wickham create when he appears on the scene?

Join our dear couple in a whirlwind Regency romance that will make you both laugh and sigh as they reach for their ‘happily ever after.’

You will find that this Darcy is much lighter of heart than Jane Austen's. Why? Because he has fallen for the lady of his dreams and is in full, happy pursuit of her. His life has been sad since losing his parents and then nearly losing Georgiana to Wickham at Ramsgate. Elizabeth has given him the ability to smile and be happy again in spite of Caroline Bingley's machinations. Come and laugh and love with our dear couple in 'Darcy vs Bingley.'

"A love-at-first-sight story for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth brings new drama and comedy to our favorite Austen story!" ~ Elizabeth Ann West, author of To Capture Mr. Darcy... (Available HERE)

Lord Windmere

Book 1 of The Four Lords' Saga Series - Regency England: Four young lords live for wine, women, and song and little responsibility. But then an incident occurs and they make a wager that they should wed by age thirty . . . and that these be love matches.

The London rake known as Lord Windmere, Matthew Edmund Fremont, is on the prowl for a wife. He has always liked the younger sister of his best childhood friend, Robbie Thornton, but will he even consider Lady Jane? After all, she’s too young and too innocent for someone like him.

But Lady Jane Anne Thornton has always had a tendre for her older brother’s friend, Matt. Their relationship, at a house party, seems to be going well until an enemy—who wants Lord Windmere for his wealth—interferes, and the consequences could be deadly.   Amazon Kindle   Apple iBooks   B&N Nook   Kobo



Lord Weirlane

Book 2 of The Four Lords' Saga Series - Regency England: Four young lords live for wine, women, and song and little responsibility. But then an incident occurs and they make a wager that they should wed by age thirty . . . and that these be love matches.

The Duke of Weirlane, Crispin Alan Copley, is determined to attend a house party with a debauched reputation. Enraged to find his best friend from childhood attending, he vows to protect her from the reprobates that will also be in attendance—including himself—and will not hesitate to deflower an innocent. Unfortunately, the best-laid plans go awry.

Lady Catherine Benton is devastated to discover that her father has deliberately sent her to a gathering that could see her married to one who would purchase her for evil means. The only saving grace is that the man she has loved for years is also attending and has vowed to protect her. But is he able to do so? Or will he be the cause of her eventual downfall?   

Amazon Kindle   Apple iBooks   B&N Nook   Kobo


Lord Foxdown

Book 3 of The Four Lords' Saga Series - Regency England: Four young lords live for wine, women, and song and little responsibility. But then an incident occurs and they make a wager that they should wed by age thirty . . . and that these be love matches.

Gareth Edward Russell, Lord Foxdown, is a victim of coup de foudre, love at first sight. The object of his love is the eldest unwed sister of his friend, the Duke of Weirlane. Gareth is determined to marry the young woman, and the duke is just as determined that Foxdown will not. And will the duke’s formidable temper cause him to call his friend out? After all, Crispin has fought two duels in the past for lesser reasons.

Lady Anna Marie Copley has also been struck by cupid's arrow and has fallen in love with Gareth and will wed no one else. However, her brother's opposition may prevent her from ever marrying the man she loves. And she has a secret that very well may kill the love affair when Foxdown learns of it. Add a suitor determined to have Anna’s dowry and you have a shocking mix of ‘who marries whom?’   Amazon Kindle   Apple iBooks   B&N Nook   Kobo


Lord Brookton

Book 4 of The Four Lords' Saga Series - Regency England: Four young lords live for wine, women, and song and little responsibility. But then an incident occurs and they make a wager that they should wed by age thirty . . . and that these be love matches.

Jules Lagrant, Lord Brookton, may be the least handsome of the four lords, but he is the most popular with the ladies in London for his prowess in the bedroom. He is also the most temperamental and debauched of the four lords. Irritated that the friendship of the four young men has been broken up by the marriages of Lord Windmere and Lord Weirlane, he is finding that life is not as satisfying as it had been when carousing with his friends. 

Endeavoring to save the life of a young woman, he finds himself with only a black eye instead of an expression of gratitude. He was lucky she didn't use the knife she had strapped to her thigh on him instead. Who was she? Would he ever encounter her again? And if he does, will it change his life forever?   Amazon Kindle   Apple iBooks   B&N Nook   Kobo

Victoria Lancer's Books

Here are some of Victoria’s earlier eBooks:

How to Train Your Pit Bull

How to Deal With Sleep Problems - Help for Infants, Children and Adults

Are Energy Drinks Good for You? - Special Edition

11 Ways to Protect from Identity Theft and Fraud - Online and Offline

And here are her more recent works:

7 Steps to Fight and Overcome Depression Naturally

10 Steps for Dealing With Jealousy in Your Relationship

How to Fight Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

The Superfoods Series     

This is Karen Grove's series about organic and natural foods - the Superfoods - available on Amazon Kindle and through other outlets, with some titles available in hardcopy.

"Why did I write this series of books on Superfoods?

Unfortunately, because most of our food supply is junk, contaminated with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other dangerous substances, we need to be careful with what we put in our bodies. For better health, we should be eating organic, natural foods – Superfoods.

This series of Superfood books my publisher and I have been producing is an effort to help you make better choices for yourself and for your family, in order to be healthier and happier."


Book 1 – Life is a Super Fruit

Book 2 – Super Veggies

Book 3 – Surf and Turf

Book 4 – Super Beans

Book 5 – Superfood Grains for Health

Book 6 – Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

Book 7 – The Fats of Life and What You Don't Know Could Kill You

Book 8 – Superfood Specialty Foods for Health

Book 9 - Superfood Fruit Health Benefits

Book 10 - Eat Your Way to Great Sex

Book 11 - Heart Health Solutions and the Cholesterol Controversy

Book 12 - Vegetarian Superfood Package

Book 13 - Smoothies Targeted for Specific Health Issues

Book 14 - Superfoods for the Brain

Book 15 - Eat For Sex and Fun in the Sun

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