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NPC Pubs publishes eBooks and paperbacks on a variety of self-help and health-related topics, as well as fiction. Scroll below to see our featured titles, and look for other titles on our Books page.

Our Featured Titles

Karen’s smoothie recipes are specifically designed to deliver essential nutrients for 14 ailments, including Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and more. Initial reader response to Karen’s smoothies book has been outstanding. Here are some reader reviews:

·                   ”I do have some health issues and now this book is helping me . . .”     ”The recipes are easy to make and some are surprising . . . “     ”I recommend it to anyone with any of the diseases . . .”     ”A wealth of knowledge in an easy-to-read format . . . “     ”The author brings a lifetime of using natural products . . .”

Individual chapters describe symptoms, causes and remedies for each ailment, the role of superfoods in supplying essential nutrients for it, and smoothie recipes specifically designed to deliver key nutrients.

We packaged four of our Superfoods Series books especially for our vegetarian readers - 4 for the price of 2! 81 superfoods - fruits, veggies, beans and fats - with suggestions how to include then in your diet, with a number of recipes and links to hundreds more. Here is what readers say:

      “This book has opened my eyes. Thank you!!”     ”A treasure trove of information on foods for vegetarians . . .”     ”This book is exactly what I needed to help me evaluate healthier choices  . . .”     ”Fascinating information on the truth about saturated fats . . .”     ”. . . differences in the types of oils as well as health benefits and risks . . .”

This book will also open your eyes to the poor quality of our food supply!

This book is about natural solutions to problems with your libido - the Superfoods that can help you have great sex. Specific Superfoods for stimulating desire, boosting energy, boosting fertility, for good erectile function and for great orgasms. Here's what readers say:

     "We all want a better sex life, this book lays out the basic foods . . .”     "Quick go-to for what to eat and what to avoid to increase libido . . . “     "If you were suffering from diminished libido, it's a quick reference guide to what you should be eating . . . “     "Great book, lots of information, and easily understood . . . “     “The author discusses many foods that may lead to causing problem . . . “

You'll know what to eat and what to avoid for great sex.

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